Walking into Gabriella's studio you are immediately greeted by the serenity and inspiration of this special place against a spectacular coastal landscape in Church Bay.  
Lewenz’s paintings and studio practice pays homage to the spiritual nature of the land, sea, and the rich surrounds of ‘Motuaarairoa’, the ‘long sheltering island’, Waiheke Island.

Tidal Whispers Odysseus SOLDIndigo Sea  . seriesEdge Beginnings SOLDOcean Surge SOLDEarth Healing TrilogyChaos CalmsSea Chalice . installationGold Mist TrilogyFragment Teal Falls - trilogyGold Winds HaurakiTelling Red SeasMemory Sea TrilogyWhere Air and Sea MeetStudio FragmentsCoastal Tides in Gold - trilogyTeal Sea CalmsIndigo TrilogyBreak of Dawn Gold Sands diptych 1/2Sea Remnant I seriesGold Sands Diptych 2//2White River Tundra Olive Stone FieldSea Silent SOLDSea Surge DeepGold Hue At Seas trilogyLand Moods TrilogyGold Cast Seas TrilogyInk Narratives Motifs SOLDTotem Gorgon's Dawn detailArch of Day - ItalyMarshland WhispersTundra VeilingTeal Whispers -FallsTouch Of Teal Horizon 97cm x 126cmCloak Guardian TotemOcean WindsRolling River Rock Motif 50Fire DayShimmering RangitotoScaramuzza Gallery Opening.Italy