Gabriella an American born and raised in Greece and lived in Pakistan for a number of years before returning to the USA

In 1997 she moved to New Zealand with her husband and daughter.

Gabriella's exhibited in galleries in NYC, Boston, CT, Italy and Auckland. She continues to draw the admiration of collectors around the world, selling paintings from her studio gallery to visitors and return patrons. Her works are in private collections in the USA, Canada, Austria, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Tahiti, Australia, Turkey, Japan and Tahiti 


With her commission works Gabriella offers gentle and respectful insight as she explores what you want to have conveyed in your commissioned work of art.


Her paintings have been described as 'sacred', 'restorative' and 'beautifully compelling'.  

For art buyers and enthusiasts, a visit to Gabriella's studio gallery is a journey of discovery to a tranquil, inspirational sanctuary; a place to immerse in the quiet reflection of the land and to experience this in relationship to the art itself.  Nestled on a pastoral hillside above the coastal views of Church Bay the studio along with adjoining home and gardens is a havenl against the sea surrounds.