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Dawn Tundra -SOLD
SunLand Fierce series  SOLD
Departure - SOLD
Whispers At Dawn - SOLD
Teal Divide - SOLD
Divide Motifs - SOLD
Mist in Teals - SOLD
Earth's Child 9/11- SOLD
3 In Meadow-SOLD
Night Dusk series - SOLD
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Dawn Tundra -SOLD, SunLand Fierce series SOLD, Departure - SOLD, Whispers At Dawn - SOLD, Teal Divide - SOLD, Divide Motifs - SOLD, Mist in Teals - SOLD, Earth's Child 9/11- SOLD, 3 In Meadow-SOLD, Night Dusk series - SOLD, Sheild in Elements - SOLD, Tempo Black Echo-SOLD, White Falls SOLD, Sea Crevice SOLD, Resting Dawn Breaks SOLD, Shield & Chapel Waters - SOLD, Rain Wind Dunes SOLD, Bone Mask - SOLD, Step Lines of Colour SOLD, Dawn's Chasm - SOLD, Red Crossing - SOLD, Air - SOLD, Memory Of Day SOLD, Gorgon Sea Guardian - SOLD, Dawn Veils - SOLD, Flurry in White - SOLD, Teal Divide - SOLD, Meadow Divide - SOLD, Crimson Chasms-SOLD, Trilogy Seas - SOLD, Sea & Land Horizons - SOLD, Puhine - SOLD, Behind the Falls SOLD, 3 Tidal Times - SOLD, Swept Seas Trilogy SOLD, Backbone Woman - SOLD, Sun Hues SOLD, Red Lined - SOLD, Dawnolive - SOLD, Cide Circles SOLD, Orange Motif Composition sold, White Stratum -SOLD, Chasm Falls, Sacred Urn - SOLD, White Winds - SOLD, Red Movements in Dawn - SOLD, Waterway Lunar Seas SOLD, Whirl Winds At Sea, Spirit of the Seas - SOLD, Land Veilings - SOLD, Portal Harmony in Teals SOLD, Tirbal Dawn - SOLD, Waka Fish&Spear SOLD, Whirlwind Motif Sold, Totem Painting/Coded Landscape -SOLD, Feasting The Seas - SOLD, Sea Day-SOLD, Seasons & Chasms - SOLD, Teal Shores - SOLD, Heat of the Seas Trilogy-SOLD, Thrust - SOLD, SeaGold - SOLD, Shimmering in Dawn - SOLD, Light of the Sea sold, TEAL FALLS SOLD, Meadow Portal - Trilogy sold, Land Sinews-SOLD, Wave Surge SOLD, Purple Seascape SOLD, Glint of Blues SOLD, Tidal Shores of Waiheke SOLD, Flash Sand & Sea, Abwoon Sold, Caved Crevice SOLD, Sea Channel Po - Sold, Tints & Setting Seascapes-SOLD, Storm Brew SOLD, Dawn Tidal Shores SOLD, Sea Mist II 20cm x 58cm SOLD, Lunar Waterways 2x have sold - 2 left, Pearl SOLD, Mood in Teal SOLD, Etheric Horizon diptych, Black Gold Dawn Gathering SOLD, River Streams Renew SOLD, Ocean Mist Series-SOLD, Dawn In Grey Beginnings SOLD, Sea Surges Trilogy-SOLD, Black Sun Trilogy SOLD, Deep Sea Depth-SOLD, Water Vessel Amphora-SOLD, Still in the Mist -SOLD, Fragrant Flame-SOLD, Teal Urn -Sold, From Stone to Rosso-Italy, Shoreline series SOLD, Waka Fish at Dawn - SOLD, Seeding Sacred Earth/Sea-Sold , Land Sketches - sold, Black Falls -NFS, Cloud Whirlwinds-SOLD, " CHRISTA".Studio Journal & Wet Paint On Waiheke Isle .catalogue, Wand Wave Trilogy SOLD, WindSea Trilogy SOLD, The Twelve SOLD, Seascape Narrative -trilogy SOLD, Sea Depth SOLD, Breeze Narrative SOLD, In Narrative BREEZE II sold, Ocean Blade Trails SOLD, Merging Vessel 164 cm x 157cmSOLD, Teal Sea Divide III SOLD, Oceania series detail SOLD, Island Dawn Dusting , Gold Winds Hauraki, Sea Stratum SOLD, Lunar Moon SOLD, Telling Skies,